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Shoes are just the start.

Across the United States each year middle school and high school student-athletes gear up for another cross country, indoor or outdoor track season. This can be a fun and exciting time, but there are some situations where getting the right gear is tough financially. That’s where JustBettr steps in. We provide deserving student-athletes the opportunity to get the right shoes allowing them the chance to reap all the benefits of competing in sports during their school years.

JustBettr is here to help.

We're a resource for coaches to help runners get the gear they need to succeed.

Studies clearly show the benefits of being involved in athletics: better grades, better social interaction, better graduation rates, better average body weight, better heart and lung health, better eating habits. These all lead to better lives.

Shoes are just the start.

Sharing our website and campaign, along with your donation, will help make the lives of these kids, well, just better!


Give Today

Your donation will help buy running gear for young athletes in need of support.



Do you have an athlete in need of decent gear?

Let us know because we're here to help. We'll coordinate with you to meet your athlete at whatever local store works best, and issue you a P.O. with an amount that will cover your need. Then you and your athlete can shop like everyone else and pick out what works best without having to worry about the bill. We'll pick up the tab as promised.

Your athlete will get the gear they need and be treated like any other customer. And you helped them out.



JustBettr is here to help you, too.

We will work with the coaches to meet the athletes and their families at your store. There, it’s business as usual, where you provide your customers with the best service and advice you can give and sell your products like always. JustBettr simply pays up to an agreed upon amount with your input prior to their visit.

This will build relationships with more families in your community and help solidify the ones you have with the coach and their school or club.

Would you like to help us out in return?

We'll send you informational cards on JustBettr for your office, sales counter and a sticker for your window or front door, so you can let your customers know you support JustBettr. Then you can hold fundraisers to rally your local running community around the cause and donate to JustBettr. You'll be helping the coaches, families and youth in your area as well as around the country.

For information email info@justbettr.org

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Savage, MD 20763

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